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By reading my blogs & articles, watching the videos, spending plenty of time working on each step, and taking consistent action every single day, you have a much higher chance of being a successful affiliate.

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Let’s not waste time! Let’s dive right into it!

An Affiliate is a person who sells other people’s products and makes commission with every sale that he/she generates. You drive traffic/viewers to the sales page of the product and when someone who you drove to the sales page buys the product, you get a commission. It’s that simple! 🙂

4 Easy Steps to start Affiliate Marketing

We all want extra income. We want to make those extra dollars every week or every month. Some of us also know about Affiliate Marketing. And there are many ways to be successful as an affiliate. But, not everyone succeeds. Some of us even give up after sometime.

Therefore, I’ve compiled the important steps damn necessary for Affiliate Marketing. So, if you wish to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer, keep reading!

  • Choose Your Niche: Choosing your niche is like the building foundation or the base for any business to grow long-term. Without niche, you won’t be able to make it too far. The more you focus your efforts on understanding one area, the better you will understand the needs of the customers in that area.

  • Build Your Platform: Creating or building a platform for yourself is utmost important because it gives you a medium of communication with your potential customers. You can buy your own domain from a number of web hosting sites online, in order to build your own platform.

  • Grow Your Audience: Attracting a huge audience means a pool of customers. So attract and grow your audience to get a large pool of potential customers. You can use various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram to network, make connections, thereby building your audience.

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  • Promote the Products: Being as affiliate, you’ll promote someone else’s products online. You can start promoting a product or a list of your products, once you have successfully built to platform or a medium and have a huge pool of potential customers. Start promoting products as per niche. You can even promote other products too, on your platform, which don’t fall under your niche category.

7 Most Efficient & Tested Ways to make $100/day from Affiliate Marketing

Here, at Affiliates Marketing Business, I #BreakItDown, some of the most important steps to remember and follow if you genuinely want to make extra income. So, if you want to go that extra mile and make those extra dollars, keep reading!

  1. Once you have the solid foundation of Affiliate Marketing, start promoting high-quality products that you personally find interesting and you’d consider purchasing yourself.
  2. If you’re using ClickBank, take advantage of the tools and tips that vendors offer on the Affiliates pages of their sites.
  3. Don’t forget to do your homework. Dedicate enough time on researching various promotional techniques and strategies that can help you succeed as an affiliate.
  4. Keep a track of your promotions via tracking IDs, tracking pixels and Google Analytics.
  5. Change or adjust your promotions as per your past performance and sales. You can keep changing and adjusting as per your choice.
  6. Don’t forget to set your payment details correct on whichever platform that you use. Because after promoting the products, you might not get enough time to set up your payment details. And after your first sale, your commissions will start flowing in. Thus, you don’t want to lose a penny of it.
  7. Finally, keep networking. Make connections in your niche, who are affiliate marketers like you and who sell the same niche products of others like you. Keeping in touch with them, will help you avoid the mistakes that they might have done in the past.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

You can do Affiliate Marketing in two ways – either by being a vendor or being an affiliate. Let’s see how both different from each other, yet both serve the same purpose and make you successful.


As a Vendor, you design and create your own products (E-Books, Online Courses, Business Learning, Education, Videos, Workshops, Cooking, Gardening, etc) and promote your own products. In order to become a successful vendor, you need to create a valued-product that really engages people, so that you turn visitors into buyers.

By creating a product that you’re passionate about, you can make tonnes of money! That’s right. To begin with, first think about your interests and passion in life. What do you like?

By products, I mean Digital Products – the knowledge and information from your brain and with the help of Internet, that you package and turn it into a profitable course. Getting it? These courses can vary from Cooking Books to Beginner’s Guide to Salsa Dance to 7 tips for Gardening. It could be anything!

Think about the topics you’re passionate about, and turn them into a profitable course for yourself. Package your valued information or knowledge or you skills that you can teach and turn it into an E-Book, or Audio Files, or Video Tutorials.

Now comes the important part!

How being a Vendor is different from being an Affiliate?

Be creating a product, you create a vehicle. Let’s take an example my mentor gave me during my classes. By vehicle, let’s say we’re talking about a car. You have a car that can take you from one place to another (destination). Once, you create your car, and to travel or go from one place to another, all you gotta do is put gas in your vehicle. The rest of the things in the process are done for you.

Thus, creating a product will take more work from you, in the beginning. For sure. But once you have your product, you’ll be able to leverage your traffic in someone else’s traffic (affiliates), to go ahead and promote your product for you and thereby, making your sales!

And using platforms like ClickBank, you’ll be able to tap into thousands of affiliates, to start generating traffic for your website/blog and your product. Try to get 4 or 6 affiliates in the beginning, if not too many or all. Those 4-5 affiliates can work and promote your product and get you 4 or 5 sales for your product.

Also, from a financial point of view, creating and then promoting your own products (digital) is better for a long-term success!


Now, let’s see how you can find success as an Affiliate.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, the basic fundamental of Affiliate Marketing is you promoting someone else’s products, sending traffic to their website or squeez pages or their ready products, and make them sales. That’s how you make commissions for the products you sell to customers (people). Easy, right? As an affiliate, you make a commission each time you make a sell.

As an affiliate, you can jump right away and start promoting someone else’s products online, on various platforms and start making money, unlike Vendor where it’s time-consuming in the beginning!

But as an affiliate, you can dive right into it and start driving audiences to the product you’re promoting.

Talking about platforms like ClickBank, 1000,000 people have found their success already and have become millionaires! So tempting, right?

Career as a Full-Time Affiliate

Ever wondered that you could be an affiliate too just like others out there? Ever wondered that you too could make 5 or 6-figure income every month? What if I told you there’s a chance for you too to make your dreams come true and work full-time as an Affiliate?

Check out this video below of Helmut Weiss where he made his first Commission as an Affiliate.


Q: Do I need several accounts to promote different products as an affiliate?

A: No. As an affiliate, you can promote as many different products you want through a single account. You don’t need to sign up for separate accounts.

Q: Do I need my own website to start as an affiliate?

A: No. You can advertise using your own website, but you don’t need one. You can also promote products using online ads, email newsletters, online classifieds, or search engine advertising.

Q: Does ClickBank provide ads with images to use in product promotions?

A: No. However, many ClickBank vendors provide ads, copy, and other resources directly to affiliates through their Affiliate Tools page or through their marketplace listing.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Online Marketing HACKS

Majorly, all the firms and companies are already using traditional marketing strategies for their businesses for the purposes like manufacturing, product selling, advertising, etc. In order to sustain in this business and in the market, many spend thousands of dollars in hiring marketing talent. Thus, marketing plays an important role in every business, irrespective of their revenue, size and nature of business. We all have heard different definitions of Marketing.

Here’s one great book that we highly recommend. This book is really beneficial and amazing for everyone. This book will give you all the successful and proven hacks of online marketing. It shows you various marketing strategies for digital market with examples. It gives you the power of Online Marketing and how you can transform your business with the help of these hacks. This book was designed to be used as a companion and a smart guide if you’re a marketer or interested in online marketing. This book will give you all the essential ingredients to help you become successful in Online Marketing. This book is for those who want to become successful and live their dream life. The main focus of this book is the hacks and strategies of Online Marketing for every online business. This book is in-line with the latest technologies and latest marketing tools and platforms used by milennials today and is developed with the aim of helping each entrepreneur all around the world. The hacks discussed in this book are of utmost importance for each kind of business, irrespective of the type and nature. I hope this smart guide/book provides you with the enough knowledge so that you implement those hacks in your business and make the most of it.

You can use this book as a guide while working or even studying. Jump over to any page, to any particular strategy and implement it in your business and start seeing results. Refer this book to understand the hacks and strategies of online marketing. This book is available in physical form and its Kindle (digital) version is available on Amazon. The Kindle E-book is available so that you refer and use it straight from your tablet or smart phones. If you haven’t got the physical version of the book yet, I highly recommend getting one, so that you have a copy on your coffee table and the Kindle Version as well with you all the time on all your smart devices.

Today in this age, anything and everything can be solved with the help of marketing. And to do great marketing, you don’t have to be a pro at it. Just be a learner. Whatever you do in life both on professional and personal levels, any problem you face, maybe at school or at work or even at home, it is only because of poor marketing. I’m a firm believer of learning. If you believe in learning, irrespective of your age, language and location, then you’ll be successful. I’ve always been a learner and this habit of mine has helped me shape who I am today.

It’s funny that majority of people still don’t know the power of good marketing. Those who know, have mastered it already and have taken their businesses to a whole new level altogether. Stuck with a math problem? Or with an HTML code of your site? Or facing issues selling products online? Or having difficulty with promotion of a product? The answer to all the problems, is – GREAT MARKETING!

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